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Boolean algebra, Computer algorithms, Quantum computing, Logic circuits


The paper presents a family of new expansions of Boolean functions called Function-driven Linearly Independent (fLI) expansions. On the basis of this expansion a new kind of a canonical representation of Boolean functions is constructed: Function-driven Linearly Independent Binary Decision Diagrams (fLIBDDs). They generalize both Function-driven Shannon Binary Decision Diagrams (fShBDDs) and Linearly Independent Binary Decision Diagram (LIBDDs). The diagrams introduced in the paper, can provide significantly smaller representations of Boolean functions than standard Ordered Binary Decision Diagrams (OBDDs), Ordered Functional Decision Diagrams (OFDDs) and Ordered (Pseudo-) Kronecker Functional Decision Diagrams (OKFDDs) and can be applied to synthesis of reversible circuits.


Originally presented at the 13th International Workshop on Logic and Synthesis, held in Laguna Beach, California, in May 2003, and subsequently included in its proceedings, vol. 30. See for further information on this and related conferences.

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