Quantum Phase Estimation and Arbitrary Accuracy Iterative Phase Estimation Using Multivalued Logic

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Journal of Multiple-Valued Logic & Soft Computing

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Many-valued logic, Quantum theory, Quantum computers -- Testing, Logic circuits -- Design and construction


This papers presents the generalization of the quantum phase estimation (QPE) algorithm to multivalued logic. QPE is a very important subroutine used in many quantum algorithms of practical importance. The QPE using qudits has certain advantages when compared to the version using qubits. The QPE using qudits is more accurate and requires lesser number of qudits (as the value of the radix d increases) to estimate the phase up to a given accuracy with a given success probability. Since the existing quantum computer implementations use only few qubits, it is important to have alternative versions of the QPE which use as few qubits as possible. In this regard, the iterative quantum phase estimation algorithm (IQPE) which uses only single qubit to store the phase information has been developed. The number of iterations involved in the IQPE is directly proportional to the required accuracy in the estimated phase. In this regard, IQPE using qudits requires (logarithmically) lesser number of iterations (and hence is faster) compared to the one using qubits. In this paper, we also develop the multivalued logic version of the IQPE and describe its implementation.


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