Instrumentation Receiver for Medium Frequency Propagation and Noise Measurements

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2017 IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium (IMS)

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Recent interest in radio frequencies below 500 kHz has created a need for new small-signal measurement hardware to convert low-level RF signals to drive baseband digital signal processing hardware and software. The IQ Near-Zero-IF architecture receiver described here translates a 7 kHz bandwidth RF input channel to baseband, with 4 dB noise figure, 50 ohm input, 60 dB flat gain, and greater than 80 dB in-band dynamic range. Analog signal processing and cascaded selectivity result in an output signal band identical to the input band, except for frequency and gain. Analog IQ processing provides greater than 50 dB opposite sideband suppression. LO frequency stability supports coherent integration times of 4 seconds per bit.



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