Burcu Taşkın

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2017 Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering and Technology (PICMET)

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The process is one of the significant issues of companies in innovative product design. The designers and the management deal with producing high quality products with the creativity in a short-term period. The researchers developed techniques to solve that problem as TRIZ. The TRIZ-based techniques aim to recover the gaps of the creative innovation to solve specific problems of technical products and technologies. However, the traditional innovation techniques are still preferred for the design process. This study conducted a comparative research on outcomes regarding the process of two design groups. The assignment is given to ten design students to identify the design requirements of smart kitchen design that answers the specific problem and to propose a product through needs and demands. First group with five students applied TRIZ-based techniques, while the other five students applied one of another innovation techniques. In this study the outcomes of the group design of smart kitchen is discussed to compare the application of the process and quality of the products.


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