A Single-Stage Buck-Boost Induction Motor Drive with Non-Pulsating Motor Terminal AC Voltages

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2023 IEEE Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition (ECCE)

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The classical three-phase voltage source inverter bridge topology featuring a single-pole double throw switch per-phase forms the workhorse of most induction motor drives. While this topology can operate in only buck mode of operation, an increasing number of applications featuring wider operating range and high motor speeds require a broader range of input and output voltage range. The paper presents a DC/AC induction motor drive capable of buck and boost mode of operation with indirect field-oriented control implementation. In comparison to the state-of-the-art, the topology features a single-stage with only two semiconductor switches per-phase and a carrier-based sine-pulse-width modulation approach. Additionally, due to the presence of intermediate but small reactive elements sized to filter switching frequency, the output voltages and currents are non-switched non-pulsating waveforms thus improving output harmonic performance and reducing over-voltages due to long motor cables. Simulation and experimental results verify the analytical results. The paper includes duty ratio derivations, small-signal state-space converter model, and indirect field oriented control approach with the single-stage buck-boost converter.



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