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Journal of Near Eastern Studies

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Egypt -- History, Ramses II (King of Egypt), Calendars -- History, Egyptian calendar -- Calculation


Due largely to the efforts of R. A. Parker, the various calendars used in Egypt are now fairly well understood. Dates which the Egyptians expressed in both their civil and lunar calendars can sometimes be determined exactly, and the study of such dates has been extremely important in efforts to establish an accurate Egyptian chronology. However, the successful use of this method obviously depends on one's ability to reconstruct accurately the astronomical and observational conditions on which the lunar calendar was based. The author re-examined the methods used to calculate lunar dates and have suggested some ways in which those methods could be made more accurate. The revised procedures were applied to the lunar dates of Thutmose III, and those dates would be valuable in fixing the chronology of the early Eighteenth Dynasty. In a similar way, there is a lunar date associated with the reign of Ramesses II, and that date is important in establishing an absolute chronology for the early Nineteenth Dynasty. The purpose of this article is to describe briefly the results of applying the revised lunar calculation procedures to the lunar date of Ramesses II.


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