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Journal of the Optical Society of America B: Optical Physics

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Dye lasers, Ultrashort laser pulses -- Stability -- Mathematical models


The pulse-train envelope of a synchronously pumped mode-locked dye laser has been experimentally studied as a function of cavity length detuning. When a bandwidth-limiting birefringent tuning filter is included and the cavity is adjusted to the length that yields optimally short (˜2-psec) pulse, there is a slow (≤800 kHz), erratic amplitude modulation that provides a 20% variation in pulse energies. As the cavity length is detuned on the order of one part in 10⁴, the modulation vanishes, but the individual pulse lengths increade dramtically. Further detuning results in a clean periodic envelope with a 20% modulation depth and a˜5-μsec period. With the birefringent filter removed, the dye-laser wavelength and bandwidth are studied as function of the cavity length. Temporally, the clean periodic modulatiion persists at alrge detunings, but there is no length at which any erratic modulation can be observed without the bandwidth-limiting filter.


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