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Magnetic gearboxes -- Design and construction, Finite element method, Linear actuators


New magnetically geared lead screw (MGLS) is proposed in this work, which relies only on magnetic loading. Therefore it can provide speed and force conversion like its mechanical counterparts, but unlike the mechanical gears, a MGLS contact-less operation enables it to operate without lubrication and it can operate with low noise, and higher efficiency. Its reliance on magnetic loading also provides overload protection. MGLS combines the concepts of two previously proposed actuators named linear magnetic gear (LMG) and magnetic lead screw (MLS). However, unlike the LMG and MLS the translator on a MGLS does not contain magnets and therefore for long stroke length applications, the force-per-kilogram of magnet material will be higher than for a MLS or LMG. However, the currently proposed MGLS designs require that the translator rings be skewed in order to create field coupling. The skewed translator rings are difficult to fabricate and greatly adds to the construction cost of the MGLS. In this work a new type of MGLS is also presented that has a translator that is composed of simple unskewed ferromagnetic rings.

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