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Working Paper


Professor John Hall

Journal of Economic Literature Classification Codes

N24, N44, P48, P51

Key Words

Benito Mussolini, Classical Fascism, Fascism, Neo-Fascism, Neo-Nazism, Post-Modern Fascism


This inquiry seeks to establish that fascism can appear in three forms. A classical fascist, a brutal and dominating figure, is autodidactic, having impressive and engaging oratory skills that effectively put forth their ideals to the working-class majority. Neo-fascists, or neo-Nazis, idolize Hitler and the society of Nazi Germany, being extremely radical and militant, they exist in small groups dispersed around the world. A post-modern fascist uses money and various forms of media to spread their ideologies to vulnerable members of society. Post-modern fascists project themselves as hard-working and tough, but they buy loyalty and pay others to do their bidding. Each form of fascism strives to regain a lost past, attempting to build new empires based upon fear, nationalism, racism, and false information.


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