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Working Paper


Professor John Hall

Journal of Economic Literature Classification Codes

B150, B310, P110

Key Words

German Historical School, Kathedersozialisten, National Socialism, Society, Werner Sombart


This inquiry seeks to establish that Werner Sombart serves as an example of an exponent of the German Historical School of Economic Thought who joined the National Socialists. This thesis is explored in three sections. The first examines the historical context in which Sombart was reared, considering aspects of his family life, economic class, education, and early academic career. In addition, this section explores Sombart’s relations to the Historical School and his mentor Gustav Schmoller, as well as Sombart’s relation to Marxism and socialism. The second section of this inquiry seeks to trace the changes in Sombart’s ideology that eventually led to his supporting and joining in with Germany’s National Socialists. Lastly, the significance of Sombart’s work is considered for its contribution to the study of sociology, especially his advancing a critical analysis of the capitalist system, and its importance for understanding the National Socialist ideology. In conclusion, the life and work of Werner Sombart is reflected upon for its relevance to contemporary society.


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