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Working Paper


Professor John Hall

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K21, L12, O39

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Antitrust, Lina Khan, The Chicago School, New Brandeis Movement, Technological Change


This inquiry seeks to establish that Lina Khan’s work brings to light the importance of reforming institutions in order to address the challenges of internet technology. As the dominance of a small number of technology giants has increased to unforeseen proportions, legal mind Lina Khan has emerged as a leading voice in the call for an updated legal framework, as well as a revision of current economic understanding, to address the new forms of monopoly power these firms practice. The first part of this inquiry examines Chicago School dominance over economic thought and its effect on antitrust enforcement over the past 40 years. The second part looks at the particular challenges that internet technology presents to today’s antitrust policymakers. The third and final part considers Lina Khan’s call for a revival of a structural understanding of market dynamics, which she terms “economic structuralism”.


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