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Working Paper


Professor John Hall

Journal of Economic Literature Classification Codes

B31, B59, P48

Key Words

Anarchism, Anti-capitalist Economics, Josiah Warren, Utopianism


This inquiry seeks to establish that Josiah Warren (1798-1874) developed a synthesis of anti-capitalist economics and radical individualism which became a unique, yet highly practical strand of anarchism in the United States. This inquiry relies heavily upon Crispin Sartwell’s The Practical Anarchist: Writings of Josiah Warren (2011) for insight into Warren’s contributions. Warren registers as distinct because of his relative isolation from other anarchist thinkers, existing largely as a lone practitioner operating in the western territories of the United States during middle-part of the 19th century. This inquiry considers Warren’s philosophical views as well as his practical program—namely his doctrines on ‘the sovereignty of the individual’ and ‘equitable commerce’—as well as his own assessments of experiments carried out over the course of his lifetime.


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