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Working Paper


Professor John Hall

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B11, B12, B31

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Bowring Treaty, Free Trade, John Bowring, Siam, Trade Policies


This inquiry seeks to establish that during the mid-19th century Sir John Bowring emerged as a proponent who formulated distinct trade policies that served to promote the economic development of Siam (Thailand). This thesis is supported with three parts. The first part investigates the trade policies of the Burney Treaty as the first step towards the initiation of a new form of foreign trade policies between Siam and the British Empire and other western countries. The second part explores further Sir Bowing’s thoughts and his mission in achieving the adjusting agreements of the Bowring Treaty. And lastly, the third part examines the primary effects of the economic contracts on the development of trading policies and economic development in Siam. In conclusion, the contributions of the Bowring Treaty on trade policies and the economic development of Siam illustrate a critical moment in the Siamese economy influenced by the prevailing ideas of foreign trade derived from the Classical School of Economics.


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