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Working Paper


Professor John Hall

Journal of Economic Literature Classification Codes

B31, F02, N42

Key Words

Gunnar Myrdal, Non-Equilibrium, Racial Inequality, Regional Inequality


This inquiry seeks to establish that Gunnar Myrdal provided a foundation for and also practiced a non-equilibrium approach to economics. Throughout his career, Gunnar Myrdal was tasked with researching and providing policy for some of the most pressing economic issues of the 20th century. This inquiry considers and examines what I have selected as the most important areas of research over the span of Myrdal’s career, while showing how and why a nonequilibrium was required. First, I start with racial inequality and how Myrdal’s research broke ground on the subject. Next, I consider his key contribution towards understanding regional inequality and how this work takes him far from equilibrium economics. Finally, I consider the importance of selected issues in world development, juxtapose these to Myrdal’s career that spanned decades.


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