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Working Paper


Professor John Hall

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F21, O11, O14

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China, Foreign Direct Investment, Manufacturing, Nearshoring, Mexico, United States


This inquiry seeks to establish that China’s falling into unfavorable relations with Washington has contributed to a new focus on Mexico. China’s aggressively competing with America for technological supremacy has indeed elicited a U.S. response. Over recent years and months, the U.S. has implemented a host of measures intended to mitigate China’s competition. Along with disruptions to the supply chain and growing political concerns, company leaders have found it increasingly difficult to continue manufacturing in China. Relatedly, investment flows are streaming towards Mexico in what is now termed as “nearshoring.” This tendency comes with a set of workable challenges. With forecasts for Mexico’s improving economy comes much speculation regarding to the nation and its distinct regions. This includes the potential for declines in migration into the U.S..


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