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Working Paper


Professor John Hall

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O10, O30

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Apple, Calligraphy, Consumerism, Lloyd J. Reynolds, Steve Jobs, Typography, User Experience


This research inquiry shall explore how critical advances in American design products and consumerism can be traced back to the late Lloyd J. Reynolds and the silent yet powerful influence he has had on a generation of students, such as the innovative pioneer, Steve Jobs. Lloyd J. Reynolds was a renowned calligrapher and teacher at Reed College. The inquiry is structured chronologically, leading to Apple's 2022 valuation of about two trillion dollars. Four significant areas shall be examined to trace this trajectory. Firstly, the paper examines the effects of calligraphy/typography on Lloyd J. Reynolds. Secondly, it delves into Steve Jobs’ inspirational time at Reed College, his travels to India, and how Zen Buddhism sparked his interest and later shaped his work at Apple. Thirdly, the paper covers the development of typography into the digital realm and how it changed the technology sector, specifically Apple. Lastly, the research paper highlights the importance of user experience design and innovation and their implications on consumerism and economics. Apple's ascent to its leading position in the technology industry is analyzed in this area. The study shall use a qualitative research approach. Data shall be examined on previous interviews with experts in the design field, and analysis of primary and secondary sources, including Reynolds' writings, interviews with him, and historical accounts of his teachings and inspiration.


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