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Working Paper


Professor John Hall

Journal of Economic Literature Classification Codes

F52, N44, P40

Key Words

Aristotle, Martin Heidegger, National socialism, Nazi, philosophy, Pre-­Socratics


This inquiry seeks to establish that Martin Heidegger registered as a compromised man in his ethics and philosophy. First, through analyzing Heidegger’s roots in Aristotle and the Pre-­Socratics, this inquiry will introduce Heidegger’s philosophical compatibility with the Nazi Party. After deciphering his rectorial address in 1933 and subsequent actions during his rectorship of the University of Freiburg, this inquiry considers the level of Nazi indoctrination in Heidegger’s work. Finally, this inquiry carefully considers Heidegger’s compromised character through his actions in the post-­‐rectorate phase.

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