Writing Culturally and Linguistically Data-Driven IEPs

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Bilingual special education for the 21st century : a new interface

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Bilingual Education, Inclusive education, Special education


Bilingual students with disabilities have an established right to be educated in their most proficient language. However, in practice, many culturally and linguistically diverse students still do not receive the quality of education that they are promised and deserve. Multilingual learners with disabilities must be acknowledged for the assets they bring and engaged in classroom learning that is rigorous and relevant. Bilingual Special Education for the 21st Century: A New Interface addresses the complex intersection of bilingual education and special education with the overlay of culturally and linguistically sustaining practices. This work provides practical solutions to current dilemmas and challenges today's educators of multilingual learners with disabilities face in the classroom. Covering topics such as dual language education, identification practices, and transition planning, this book is an essential resource for special education experts, faculty and administration of both K-12 and higher education, pre-service teachers, researchers, and academicians.


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