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Books -- Purchasing, Motion picture audiences, Consumer behavior -- Effect of book cover art on


It has been believed that the needs of consumers who are primarily readers versus moviegoers greatly differ; those who are readers are more likely to purchase a book that features the original cover art, while those who are mostly moviegoers gravitate toward movie tie-in covers. This paper examines the accuracy behind that belief by calculating the number of book sales from NPD BookScan, as well as collecting survey data from participants across all reading activity levels.

Analysis revealed that though there is a slight difference in amount of preference based on reading group, overall participants overwhelmingly preferred the original cover regardless of reading activity levels. There were instances where the votes were very close in specific case studies. These examples were likely due to the movie tie-in covers themselves, which were intentional in their compelling design and paid homage to its original art counterpart. This paper also provides the book publishing industry with suggestions on how to design movie tie-in covers to appeal to a wider range of audiences based on participant responses.


Paper submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts in Writing: Book Publishing.

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