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As consumer media habits further diverge with the introduction of new technologies and social spaces, literature has increasingly been adapted in new mediums. Adaptations of written works have the exposure and visual appeal to draw in a larger audience than the pages of the original would.

This research question is extremely relevant to the shift the industry has made with the introduction of new technologies for cross-media storytelling through video games, film and television. Increasingly, publishers, like Level 4 Press, look for stories that will translate well into a TV series or movie, and cross-media stories and adaptations have been some of the most popular stories of the last 50 years. Fantasy and sci-fi sagas especially have had a large audience for adaptations, and most recently, Netflix audiences have descended upon the Polish series, The Witcher, which was only introduced to US markets after the influence of the video game market. By taking a closer look at Andrzej Sapkowski’s work, this paper will examine cultural barriers, reception and challenges of works in their original and adapted forms, and the marketing choices of international publishers.


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