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Spring 2023


Publishers and publishing, Book industries and trade


This research delves into the conundrum of New York City’s publishing sector, where passion drives more than profit. This paper reviews the impact of inflation and rising living costs on entry-level book publishing roles within NYC, unraveling the implications for diversity within the industry.

The central question investigates how the combination of inflation and living expenses influences the feasibility of jump-starting a publishing career in one of the most expensive cities—and the largest publishing hub—in the US. The study spotlights not only barriers to entering the industry but also the exacerbated challenges faced by BIPOC professionals.
The research zooms in on NYC’s entry-level publishing job landscape, highlighting the most prominent publishers, like the Big Five. The dichotomy between modest entry-level salaries and towering living expenses raises concerns, especially for underrepresented individuals. By assessing the income-to-housing-cost ratio, the study underscores the struggle of finding suitable housing on starter salaries, adding to the financial strain.

This study sounds an alarm for the publishing realm, demanding reflection on its skewed structure. Given the disproportional impact on marginalized individuals, this paper underscores the urgency of nurturing diversity and inclusivity, which is imperative for the industry's growth.


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