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Arab American women -- Fiction, Cooking -- Lebanese -- Fiction, College teachers -- Fiction, Arab Americans -- Fiction, Women cooks -- Fiction, Restaurants -- Fiction, Los Angeles (Calif.) -- Fiction


Never married, living with an Iraqi-immigrant uncle and devoted dog, and working as a chef in a Lebanese restaurant, thirty-nine-year-old Sirine finds her life turned upside down by a handsome Arabic literature professor. Thirty-nine-year-old Sirine, never married, lives with a devoted uncle and an adoring dog named King Babar in the Persian- and Arab-American community of Los Angeles known as Irangeles. She works as a chef in a Lebanese restaurant, her passions aroused only by cooking--until an unbearably handsome Arabic literature professor starts dropping by for a little home cooking. Falling in love with Hanif brings Sirine's whole heart to a boil--stirring up memories of her parents and questions about her own identity as an Arab American. Meanwhile, a host of magnificent characters do their best to interfere with her life: her endlessly patient and thoroughly appealing uncle, who spins a magical story about an Arab slave who escapes his masters by pretending to drown (and ends up in Hollywood!); her unrequited admirer, Nathan, and art photographer with disturbing obsessions and a dark past; and Umm Nadia, her saucy matchmaking boss, who tells Sirine's fortune in the coffee grounds at the bottom of her cup." -- Dust Jacket

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