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This is a curated entry for the keyword, Interface, a section of Digital Pedagogy in the Humanities, an ebook comprised of 55 curated keywords, each featuring ten assignments that can be quickly and easily woven into one's college teaching practice. It is the first digital "book" published by the Modern Languages Association. The project was ten years in the making.

Keyword: Interface
Anyone who has rearranged classroom chairs from rows into a circle knows that a classroom’s physical space shapes students’ learning. So, too, do computational interfaces materially shape what and how students learn. Computational interfaces link hardware, software, human users, and other sources of data, creating the material contexts through which computing, and digital learning, take shape. These interface Assignments and Related Materials address a wide spectrum of student readiness and institutional support for digital humanities work. They balance the numbers of male and female contributors, feature assignments designed for non-English speakers and non-English-language learners, and meet the needs of beginning and advanced students. Income insecurity is not a barrier to learning about interface, as several of these assignments can be done using a smartphone. The ten assignments are organized from technically easiest to hardest. All of them are conceptually rigorous.

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