North Marion School District population and enrollment forecasts, 2007-08 to 2016-17

Portland State University. Population Research Center


The North Santiam School District (NSSD) covers about 100 square miles of Marion and Linn Counties in Western Oregon, and includes the communities of Lyons, Mehama, Stayton, and Sublimity. The area served by the District has experienced sustained growth in population, housing, and public school enrollment in recent years. This report presents the results of a forecast conducted by the Portland State University Population Research Center (PRC) indicating that NSSD enrollment will continue to grow during the next twenty years. PRC’s methodology links enrollment trends with the area’s population dynamics. Population and housing are closely related to access to jobs. By itself, the District’s past growth is no guarantee of future long-term growth, but in the context of expected employment, population, and housing growth, enrollment is likely to increase at all grade levels.