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Phoenix-Talent School District, Oregon -- Population -- Statistics, School enrollment -- Oregon -- Phoenix -- Forecasting, School enrollment -- Oregon -- Talent -- Forecasting, Demographic surveys -- Oregon -- Phoenix-Talent School District


The area served by the Phoenix-Talent School District (PTSD) has experienced population and housing growth in recent years, but the District’s K-12 school enrollment of 2,708 students in 2007-08 was five percent lower than its 1999-00 peak of 2,839. The enrollment decline is largely attributed to the smaller elementary classes of the early 2000s, compared with the peak enrollments of the middle to late 1990s. Middle school enrollment peaked in 2003-04, and high school enrollment peaked in 2005-06. Although secondary school enrollment has been declining in the past few years, elementary enrollment has been relatively stable since 2002-03. The number of incoming kindergarten and 1st grade students has remained steady, and in three of the past four years elementary grade cohorts have grown due to net migration of school-age residents into the District. This report presents the results of a study conducted by the Portland State University Population Research Center (PRC) containing Enrollment Forecasts for the PTSD from 2008-09 to 2017-18. We conclude that the most likely scenario is for modest enrollment growth in the PTSD during the next 10 years.

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