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Canby School District, Oregon -- Population -- Statistics, School enrollment -- Oregon -- Canby -- Forecasting, Demographic surveys -- Oregon -- Canby


The Population Research Center (PRC) has prepared district‐wide and individual school Enrollment Forecasts for the Canby School District (CSD) annually for the past six years. This study includes forecasts of district‐wide enrollment for the 10 years from 2012‐13 to 2021‐22 and forecasts for individual schools for the five years from 2012‐13 to 2016‐17. The 10 year horizon of the district‐wide forecast enhances opportunities for school districts to coordinate long range planning with city and county comprehensive plans, which may extend for 20 or more years. Overall K‐12 enrollment is forecast to increase by 364 students (8 percent) in the next 10 years. K‐12 enrollment loss of three students (0.1 percent) is forecast for 2012‐13 and only moderate growth, averaging 0.8 percent, is forecast for the remaining nine years of the forecast. K‐6 enrollments begin to grow gradually after 2012‐13, but grades 7‐8 enrollments remain flat or decline until 2017‐18, begin to grow in between 2017‐18 and 2019‐20, and decline slightly in the last two years of the forecast horizon. High school enrollment changes very little throughout the 10 year forecast period.

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