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Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering and Technology: Technology Management For Social Innovation, Proceedings

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Higher education -- Citizen participation, Entrepreneurship -- Higher education, Business and education -- United States, Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering and Technology


Entrepreneurship is the process of creating problem solving system that generate knowledge and provide value. It is also seen as an innovation engine. It could be applied in many fields including academic community. This attempt of creating academic community can be view as an academic entrepreneurship. The impactful process of academic entrepreneurship is worthwhile to be noticed and shared. Because PICMET has shown a model of building a sustainable scholar community and its coordinating organization in the international level, it could be a successful case of academic community entrepreneurship (ACE) Model. ACE is focused on creating new value of academic and practical knowledge and social capital through participation and collaboration. As a scholar, the founder and his team could be an innovator as lead users in the academic community platform. It was a vigorous attempt of lead scholar in the Management of Engineering and Technology field. Its biannual rotation of the location with support of many international partners, publication of peer-reviewed proceeding, and department of ETM at the hosting institution are all contributing forces. The archive and ethnographic case studies are utilized to build refined ACE model with multiple layered process research. New model of entrepreneurial journey, entrepreneurial career staged ACE-HEROS model sheds light on the ACE model. This research aims to provide the platform of remembering and depicting engaged scholarship that has reached realm of academic entrepreneurship. The measuring of PICMET impact is still challenging but the qualitative categories are proposed to suggest some constructive response to the dedicated academic entrepreneur and community. This is also a call for collaborative researches on our community in the future. © 2016 Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering and Technology, Inc.


This is the publisher's final PDF. Copyright 2016 by PICMET. Paper delivered at the 2016 Proceedings of PICMET '16: Technology Management for Social Innovation.



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