Technology Roadmap: Drone Delivery - Amazon Prime Air

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Infrastructure and Technology Management: Contributions from the Energy, Healthcare and Transportation Sectors

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Technology roadmapping is becoming more popular in the recent days because of the value it delivers to the organizations, helping them plan strategically and align the technology with business objectives. This paper presents a creation of technology roadmap for drones, used by Amazon for their latest service Amazon Prime Air. The competition in the e-commerce industry is growing every day, and one major area where it makes a huge difference is the shipping prices and time for the delivery. To tackle this problem and overtake its competition, Amazon has come up with the drone delivery concept. Shipping costs and time are what have driven Amazon to choose drones for a faster delivery, low costs, low emissions, and happy customers. It is always difficult to predict the engineering technologies and advancements because of how fast the improvements are taking place. Without any historical data, it is not so easy to forecast them. Drones have been around us since not long ago, which is why predicting the future is not so easy. The focus of this paper is on the drones, and Amazon is going to use for 30 min Prime Air deliveries directly to home. Time is very precious today and that is one of the driving factors for the idea of using drones. Drones are now able to serve the military, for surveillance (wildlife), to help in search and rescue operations, and in shooting movies and sports. Drones are proving to help us in every aspect possible because of the pace at which the technology is improving every day [1].

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