Technology Assessment: The Evaluation of Residential Pool Sanitation Options Using TOPSIS

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Infrastructure and Technology Management: Contributions from the Energy, Healthcare and Transportation Sectors

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In the United States, the backyard swimming pool is an iconic upgrade to the standard residential pool. For some, a pool represents that success has been achieved; for others it is used as a social setting point during the hot summer; and lastly the swimming pool is used for recreation. The recreational pool industry also has a vested interest in the construction and maintenance of swimming pools. The total number of new residential pools installed in the United States has dropped from 140,000 installations per year in 2007 to 50,000 installations per year in 2009. These numbers are similar for other Western countries. But, the number of pool installations has remained flat at 50,000 installations per year, in the United States, since the financial crisis of 2008. As such, the residential swimming pool industry has a vested interest in improving the ability to install and sell pools [2].

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