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2019 Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering and Technology (PICMET)

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Tourism, Car sharing -- Decision making -- Oregon, Consumer behavior, Hierarchical Decision Modeling, Choice of transportation -- Decision making


Carsharing is a business model of car rentals that allows consumers to benefit from a private vehicle for short periods while being relieved of the costs of the purchase and maintenance. Carsharing is a growing industry and some players are trying to get a hold in the already competitive market. The current transportation market offers consumers many options for buying a vehicle, but fewer practical options for using a vehicle occasionally. Carsharing provides the benefits of allowing easy access to vehicles spread across the city that are rented per an hour or day. It is an increasingly common option for locals and tourists who want to get from one place to another without spending too much time on public transports. These have the added benefit of convenience and comfort of four-wheelers without paying much extra, as in the case of conventional rental cars, taxi, or cabs. This paper uses Hierarchical Decision Model (HDM) to evaluate the factors influencing the selection of the best carsharing alternative around Portland area by analyzing different perspectives and criteria that influence the selection. This paper address which criteria are most important to renters and provide recommendations for renters and carsharing businesses. The findings suggest that most essential criteria for the consumers are insurance coverage, reliability, rental cost, drop-off-options, and gas cost.


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