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2019 Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering and Technology (PICMET)

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echnology -- Management, Intelligent control systems, Artificial intelligence -- Engineering models, Human-computer interaction, System theory


The integrated set of prognostic domains (ISPD) of technology presented here provides a normative means to construct a wholly new process model for guiding Technology Management of Artificial Intelligent Systems (AIS). Seventeen domains represent all-inclusive stakeholder perspectives that encapsulate lifecycle analyses, evaluations, feasibilities, and tradeoffs with the domain contexts. Following Systems Model-Based thinking (SMBT), a postulated focal point interaction is the entry condition from which each domain is considered and thereafter traversed. Domains are interactive with each other through concurrent, iterative, recursive, and non-recursive processes. This interactive work continues until the completion milestones of each domain are satisfied. Techniques such as agile, progressive, prescriptive, and spiral are used as appropriate to reconcile functional and process requirements, risk, schedule, and budget. An important factor of ISPD is that multiple concepts of operation, widely diverse architectures, and explicitly differentiable designs are inevitable and highly desirable. The entire gamut of interactions of AIS with other posited systems is exposed and examined by the work carried out in each domain. While the ISPD was inspired by the use of SMBT with traditional process models, the essences of ISPD were extracted from developing systems of systems products and services. SMBT was piloted on a one-year project to integrate informational, social, and behavioral exchanges between humans and intelligent systems. This paper introduces SMBT for designing and building AIS by applying ISPD.


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