Exploring Technology and Engineering Management Research Landscape

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2019 IEEE Technology & Engineering Management Conference (TEMSCON)

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This study set out to explore the basic features of the field by using scientific articles in the field of Technology and Engineering Management (TEM). In this context, publication data indexed in Web of Science (WoS) were used. The obtained data were recorded in the relational database and prepared for analysis. In the analysis of the data, the R programming language, the CiteSpace and the Ggplot2 library were used. Social Network Analysis (SNA) and Bibliometric were used as methods. Accordingly, the longest-running journal in the field is IEEE-TEM. We identified 6 basic clusters in TEM studies; Open innovation, management practices, bibliometric analysis, corporate opinion, academic success creation and health technology literature. Author collaboration in the TEM field shows an increasing trend. For 2018, the average number of authors per publication was calculated as 2.98. In the area of TEM, literature obsolescence (aging) ranges from 12 to 18 years. In terms of the topics discussed in the field, a change has been observed since 2003. In other words, number of researches on the topics in SMEs, regional information system, efficiency measurement model and strategic information system clusters has been decreasing since 2003.


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