Guest Editorial - Mapping Knowledge to Identify Future Innovation Trajectories: Cases in Emerging Technological Innovations

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Journal of Knowledge Management

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Despite widespread academic literature on creativity, future innovation trajectories and knowledge management, these separate areas have rarely been examined together. Studies from different theoretical fields assess innovation and knowledge management as a dynamic process that is established over time. The assessment and evaluation of technologies is particularly critical for technology-driven organizations. Nowadays, this is even more important, as virtually no organizations are exempt from this challenge. Over the past decade, we have seen an exponential increase in studies seeking to develop methods and tools with which to address this challenge as organizations have heterogeneous innovative behaviors and drivers of apiece trajectory. Therefore, the exchange of knowledge is crucial to practical technological applications and implementations in the field of knowledge management. This special issue, titled “Mapping Knowledge to Identify Future Innovation Trajectories: Cases in Emerging Technological Innovations,” aims to fill these gaps in scholarly literature, focusing on different kinds of knowledge management and identifying future innovation trajectories that may support the field’s development. This research establishes the links forged between knowledge management, innovation and technology and goes on to forecast technologies; identify technologies, actors and opportunities; visualize research fields and technological landscapes; explain the dynamic interactions between different patterns; and identify the flow of technology and the key elements of a successful technological roadmap. As a result of COVID-19, many companies have been forced to rapidly prioritize new systems and embrace new challenges, making swift decisions, improving employee efficiency and risking the continuity of their business.


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