Integrated Blockchain and Internet of Things in the Food Supply Chain: Adoption Barriers

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Blockchain (BLC) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are two emerging technologies that have become popular among practitioners for improving the transparency, adaptability, and safety of any industry. This is especially critical for food security, as COVID-19 highlighted the vulnerability of food supply chain (FSC). However, Indian organizations are experiencing problems in implementing the integrated form of BLC-IoT due to limited knowledge and insufficient research. The current study aims to propose a conceptual framework to reduce the impact of adoption barriers against BLC-IoT in FSC. Thirteen key barriers were identified after a thorough literature review and consultation with experts. The relationship among barriers was established using Interpretive structural modeling (ISM) and Decision-making trial and evaluation laboratory (DEMATEL) methods. The analysis shows that the lack of government regulation and workers' low competency significantly influence BLC-IoT adoption. The results also indicate the intricacy of decision-making by demonstrating that 9 of the 13 barriers were a part of the linkage cluster. The study outcome will help practitioners in developing and planning strategies for effective adoption of BLC-IoT in FSC.


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