Toward an Integrated Model for Examining the Factors Affecting the Acceptance of Queue Management Solutions in Healthcare

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IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management

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Despite the previous article on technology adoption and the importance of users’ intention to use various technologies in healthcare, users’ acceptance of queue management solutions (QMS) has rarely been measured. The key driver for this article is to evaluate the constructs that have an influence on the acceptance of QMS in the healthcare domain. To achieve this purpose, this article proposes an integrated model based on the integration of various constructs extracted from different theoretical models, including the unified theory of acceptance and use of technology (UTAUT), technology acceptance model (TAM), and social cognitive theory (SCT) along with trust and innovativeness as external factors. The data were collected using an online questionnaire survey from 242 healthcare professionals. The structural equation modeling technique has been employed to validate the model. In general, the results exposed that the suggested model has explained 66.5% of the total variance in the behavioral intention to use QMS. The proposed model is believed to be helpful in exploring the acceptance of other information technologies in the healthcare domain, and the results can provide valuable knowledge to managers and decision-makers in healthcare organizations.


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