Conceptual Structure and Perspectives on "innovation Management": A Bibliometric Review

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Technological Forecasting and Social Change

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The present study aims to analyze “Innovation Management” using a bibliometric technique. To this aim, Web of Science (WOS) citation database was used to extract the articles. Then, the received files were combined and integrated using Bibexcel. In the next step, the data were illustrated and analyzed by R Studio and R package. The results identified well-cited articles, active, and influential journals, and authors in the field. In addition, investigating the strategic diagrams and thematic evolution maps revealed basic, developed, emerging, and obsolete issues in “Innovation Management”. During the recent years, many researchers have focused on some issues with a forward-looking approach such as “Emerging Technologies”, “Patent Analysis”, as well as “Nanotechnology”, “Service Innovation”, and “Technology Transfer”. The results represent a comprehensive understanding of the evolutionary process of each field and are considered as a coherent instrument for research policy.


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