The Voluntary Green Behavior in Green Technology Innovation: the Dual Effects of Green Human Resource Management System and Leader Green Traits

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Journal of Business Research

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Green technology innovation is becoming increasingly important for companies to effectively address environmental governance, with employees’ green behaviors serving as core supportive carriers. Drawing on the sensemaking theory, this study uses a mixed-method design that involves quantitative surveys of 224 well-educated professionals working in different companies and qualitative multiple case studies of four companies engaged in green technology innovation in China. The purpose of this study is to investigate the complex relationships among the green human resource management system, leader green traits, and voluntary green behavior of employee, as well as to verify these relationships while further unfolding their underlying intrinsic mechanism. The results demonstrate that green human resource management system and leader pro-environmental attitude have a positive effect on the voluntary green behavior of employees, respectively. Leader moral reflectiveness has a moderating effect on the relationship between the green human resource management system and the voluntary green behavior of employees. These findings shed new light on the roles of green human resource management system and leader green traits in the green behavior literature and illuminate practical ways through which companies may achieve successful green technology innovations.


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