Comparative Analysis of the Quality Properties of Oil-Based and Alkyd Coating Materials for Wood

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Acta Facultatis Xylologiae Zvolen

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A comparative analysis of the quality properties of coating materials based on linseed oil and alkyd film formers is provided in the paper. The advantages and disadvantages of linseed oil-based and alkyd-based coating materials are explored. Protective materials such as alkyd coating material for wood and drying linseed oil were applied on the compared pine-wood samples. The authors determined the drying time of linseed oil and alkyd coating materials on pine wood, the thickness of the dry film, heat resistance, lightfastness, as well as water resistance of protective and decorative coatings. Linseed oil-based coating materials form thin-layer coatings on the surface of wood, unlike coatings based on alkyd materials. Alkyd coating materials transitioned into a solid state faster than the linseed oil-based ones. Coatings based on linseed oil have a higher moisture resistance. Higher indicators of heat resistance were observed in coatings based on linseed oil materials.


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