Developing a Model of Technological Innovation for Export Development in Developing Countries

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Technology in Society

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It is crucial for companies to develop a competitive advantage in today's competitive business environment. Technological innovation is one of the most effective ways for companies to achieve this advantage and enhance their competitiveness. Therefore, identifying the most important dimensions of technological innovation is key for managers and decision-makers in order to achieve organizational goals, which in fact, reveals its high importance. In this paper, we develop a model of how technological innovation impacts export development in developing countries. At present, the process of globalization, especially the development of exports, has a special place. In this paper, based on the rigorous literature review, eleven main dimensions of technological innovation were obtained. The relationships between system elements were determined using the Interpretive Structural Model (ISM) technique, and the final model with four levels was extracted. The factors in the last level are the most effective, and the factors in the first level are the most influential. These factors are considered the basis of the model. According to research findings, knowledge management has the most impact, and manufacturing capability, service Innovation, marketing, and learning process are the most impressionable. Finally, based on the Mick Mac technique, the factors are classified based on the degree of dependence and influence. Since this method is under the opinions of experts, the opinions of 28 industry experts and university professors have been used. We have contributed to the understanding of the complex relationships among different factors and variables through our research by providing a structured and systematic approach. Policymakers and other stakeholders can use our model to propose ways to promote economic growth and development through technological innovation and exports. We believe that our findings have important implications for the field of innovation and international business research.


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