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Closed Project

Publication Date

Fall 2008


Dundar F. Kocaoglu

Course Title

Management of Engineering and Technology

Course Number

EMGT 520/620


This research focuses on the identification of key challenges facing today’s firms. We conducted the research through relevant literature reviews, questionnaires and interviews with fifteen executives across three different companies namely: (1) Intel, a global corporation, (2) SCG Cement co., Ltd, a regional firm based in Thailand, and (3) Interior Partnership Group, a local US firm based in Michigan. A first round survey (through questionnaires) asked the executives to rate the key challenges into five categories on a five-point scale, one and five being the most and least challenging respectively. The executives were also asked to state the frequency of dealing with these challenges. The categories are: Economic and Financial issues, Cultural and Social Issues, Management Issues, Political and Legal issues, Technology issues. A second round survey through semi-structured face to face and telephone interviews with the same executives reveal certain barriers to performance, within each category. This report provides insights to these challenges and the necessary approaches to address these challenges for the benefit of companies becoming global.


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