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Closed Project

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Fall 2008


Dundar F. Kocaoglu

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Engineering and Technology Management

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EMGT 520/620


When K. Eric Drexler popularized the word 'nanotechnology' in the 1980's, he was talking about building machines on the scale of molecules, a few nanometers wide—motors, robot arms, and even whole computers, far smaller than a cell. Many companies and governments have recognized the vast market and potential for nanotechnologies and are moving quickly to become leaders in this field. The United States government is funding and supporting nanotechnology businesses to be in the first place as a high-tech leader. In addition, many large technology firms have invested their own money and produced many products which take its place in the market today. However, a myth that exists is: “Small businesses cannot compete in the emerging markets or create radical innovations because of limited R&D resources, capital and market share. “ Our paper aims to address this myth and show it to be untrue.


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