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Closed Project

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Spring 2006


Antonie Jetter

Course Title

Human Side of Technology Management

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EMGT 510/610


Consolidation and merger of corporations -- Management, Technology -- Management, Teams in the workplace -- Evaluation, High technology industries -- Management


The paper reports a study of team performance in three-market leading high–technology companies who acquired other technology companies. Detailed interview data is presented in three independent case studies for educational purposes. The focus for this research is high performance teams and their relationship with corporate mergers and acquisitions. Specific areas of research interests were purpose, performance goals, working approach and mutual accountability, and how these areas impact productivity and morale post integration. After analyzing each of the three cases and conducting a literature review, four key factors were observed, which have a significant impact on the productivity of a merged project team. It is important to note that the manager is not powerless; as all of these factors can be managed throughout the acquisition process. If a manager aims to maintain productivity and build a strong team he or she should always lead through clear communication, a common working approach, strong vision, and an open team culture.


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