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Closed Project

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Spring 2004


Dragan Milosevic

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Communication and Team Building

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EMGT 522/622


Teams in the workplace -- Management, Knowledge management, Communication in organizations, Intercultural communication


This paper diagnoses C.M.J.L. Team’s successful journey through EMGT 522, “Communication and Team Building.” Throughout this quarter we have overcome a number of obstacles which helped define and grow our team. From sorting through a shift in team members to a shift in process changes our team faced many challenges.

Throughout this paper we will cover topics that we feel represent our growth as a team based on the model of “Punctuated Equilibrium.” The first section covers our team structure by discussing our diversity and the ground rules we established to guide our progress. Next we detailed our team process development and highlighted the stages of Punctuated Equilibrium for our team. In communication, we explain how flexibility and a readiness to adapt shaped our group into a Team. Lastly, we show how constructive feedback was used as a tool to propel our team, thus achieving our goals and expectations for this class.


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