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Closed Project

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Fall 2016


Charles Weber

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Communication and Team Building

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ETM 522/622


Teams in the workplace, Multinational work teams, Leadership, International business enterprises -- Personnel management, Virtual work teams


The rising number of global corporations operating in diverse geographical areas coupled with rapid technological growth has led to a rising need for multicultural teams, and a new way of performing work. Teams can now collaborate and meet without ever being in the same room, building, or country, and business can be conducted any-time and anywhere. How a global leader should adapt to these changes and what characteristics a leader should have in order to succeed in leading global virtual teams (GVT) are both areas which require research and consideration. In this paper, we aim to answer these questions by reviewing available literature on the topic of global leadership skills and virtual teams. Considering the complexities of managing multicultural teams often spread across multiple geographical locations and timezones, what are the challenges imposed on leadership? In other words, what are the competencies required for effective global leadership in virtual environments? How does one develop these skills? Additionally, how do virtual tools affect global teams?


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