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Closed Project

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Spring 2012


Robert Dryden

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Engineering and Technology Management Synthesis

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ETM 590


Saudi Arabia experiences some of the highest around the year temperatures on the planet. There is a direct relationship between summer power increase and summer power demand. During summer, Saudi Arabia power sees power demand that can peak up to double and even triple other seasons’ power demand.

The Saudi Arabia power company currently suffers a system overload during the summer period leading to power shortage problems. Other countries facing the same problem, including the United States have found help and even solutions in using other power alternatives either alone or in conjunction with the existing power solution. Some of the alternatives being used are produced by renewables energies. These alternatives do not only relief the power outage problem but they also contribute in the reduction of green house gas emission and move countries toward sustainability and global clean energy consumption.

This study will look at some renewable alternatives employed in the United States. Additionally, an engineering economic analysis study as well as a decision model to find the optimal solutions will be conducted in the selection of best alternatives to propose to the Saudi Arabian government.


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