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Closed Project

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Fall 2010


Charles Weber

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Technology Entrepreneurship

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ETM 561/661


Technological innovations -- Economic aspects, High technology industries --Management, Entrepreneurship, New business enterprises -- Management, Corporate image -- Management


First off, like many you, we’re a bit skeptical of the emerging market of online reputation management and the path it is taking to deal with the challenges. Even the phrase “reputation management” implies that we have more control over our reputation than we may. Don’t get us wrong, we do believe we all should and are able to take a more active role in our online reputations, and that’s what we’re talking about today. But we think it’s important to keep in mind, just as in the real world, and perhaps even more so online, we really only ever have influence over our reputations – rarely outright control. And that is where our competition is getting it wrong and where we think get it right.

And if you remember anything today, we hope it’s that we are the company who is creating the software, which helps large numbers of people to become aware of and “see” their reputation - “see” the most important contributing factors to their reputation - in real time - so they can decide how to capitalize, or how to mitigate it, at the right time.


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