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Closed Project

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Spring 2010


Shimon Shmueli

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User Centered Innovation

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ETM 556/656


New products -- Planning, Technology -- Management, Project management, Technological innovations, User-centered system design


The Personal Photography Experience is a class project whose objective was to apply user-centered innovation in order to find out the users‟ needs in personal photography and finally brainstorm to generate concepts that meet users‟ requirements. This project was chosen out of many others suggested by the team members through use of an evaluative matrix where members were the assessors. The members were in-house trained through self-made structured survey questions in order to preserve consistency in the later part of the study where camera users were interviewed and observed for a period of two weeks. The users‟ responses were later used to provide a list of what was thought to be users‟ needs. The needs were validated by the interviewees and thereafter the team met to brainstorm potential solutions to users‟ requirements. Those requirements were filtered by another evaluative matrix and finally three most innovative and economically viable concepts were chosen for the project.

Note: the presentation associated with this project is included here as a supplemental file.


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