Submissions from 2023


Data From: The Geography of Glaciers and Perennial Snowfields in the American West, Andrew G. Fountain, Bryce Glenn, and Hassan J. Basagic


Datasets from: Application of Aerial InSAR to Measure Glacier Elevations, Bryce Glenn, Andrew G. Fountain, and Delywn Moller

Accretion of Warm Chondrules in Weakly Metamorphosed Ordinary Chondrites and Their Subsequent Reprocessing Inferred From Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD), Petrographic, and Micro-Tomography Data, Alexander M. Ruzicka, Richard C. Hugo, Jon M. Friedrich, and Michael Tyler Ream

Submissions from 2022


Data From: Inventory of Glaciers and Perennial Snowfields of the Conterminous USA, Andrew G. Fountain, Bryce Glenn, and Christopher McNeil

Submissions from 2021

Data From: Glaciers of the Olympic Mountains, Washington – The Past and Future 100 Years, Andrew G. Fountain, Christina Gray, Bryce Glenn, Brian Menounos, Justin Pflug, and Jon L. Riedel


Pacific Northwest Littoral Data, Curt D. Peterson and Kara E. P. Kingen