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Journal of Transformative Learning

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Diversity in higher education, Transformative learning -- Social aspects, Student-focused teaching, Pedagogy of listening


This Teaching Note, co-authored by nine university students and their Peer Mentor and professor, at the end of a year-long course, argues that the growing socio-cultural gap between students and faculty requires pedagogies that foster a sense of student belonging by faculty becoming "more receptive than authoritative." All of these students are from immigrant families, and most felt very anxious upon arriving at Portland State University and feared that they did not belong. Co-creating a space of mutual vulnerability enabled students to feel both cared for and confident.


Copyright (c) 2022 David Peterson del Mar, Laihha Moss-Novak, Raya Alkharroubi, Arina Borodkina, Kenyn Avila-Samayoa, Daira Maldonado Ortega, Jennifer Marquez Marquez, Estefani Reyes Moreno, Han Tran, Brianna Tuy, Tony Vo

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