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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in History and University Honors






Jadidism, Fatḥ ʻAlī Ākhundʹzādah (1812-1878) -- Political and social views, İsmail Bey Gasprinski (1851-1914) -- Political and social views




Studies of Jadidism (an Islamic reform movement in late Imperial Russia) have been prone to focus on Jadidisms conflict with the Russian Empire and its influence on the development of nationalist ideologies among Russia's Muslim subjects in the late Imperial period. The purpose of this essay is to challenge this paradigm by examining the Russian Empire's influence on Jadidism, through the writings of two early Russian Muslims reformers, Mirza Fath Ali Akhundzadeh (1812-1878) and Ismail Bey Gaspıralı (1851-1914). Both were influenced by Russian culture, loyal subjects of the Tsar, and embraced Russian modernity. Akhundzadeh and Gaspıralı understood Russian modernity and its impact on their own culture in fundamentally different ways, however in both cases their views were influenced by trends' within Russian intellectual thought. I will show this by examining Akhundzadeh and Gaspıralı's relationship to the Russian intellectual and imperial environment in which they lived, and how this environment may have influenced their writings.


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